12 Flags Group

Our core purpose

To be the best partner for the next generation of consumer businesses.

  • India First Building categories and brands designed for the Indian consumer versus being replicas of western models.
  • Patient, Longterm Capital To help Indian start ups think longer term and do the right thing, even if it is detrimental to short term profits.
  • Building a "Good" company To encourage management teams to do build transparency, good governance and right values that create value for ALL stakeholders.

Our Principles

  • Best Partner Invest in companies where we will be the best partner.
  • Values The values of our firm are responsibility, ownership, entrepreneurship, innovation and partnership.
  • Governance Principles Our firm’s governance principles are based on trust, mutuality and transparency.
  • Principal Investor We aim to become the principal investor in our best portfolio companies over time.

Investment focus & goals

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